Commentary and Analysis

Critical Thinking


Established in 2021, Freedom Fractals' mission is to promote critical thinking in evaluating and analyzing news and events around the world as well as promoting a universal theological foundation that is easy to 'fold into' any personal philosophy that one may hold.

When making an argument to support an argument the members here will have a framework to cast the issues. More often than not, it will be a conservative approach based on pragmatism. Also, we believe that humor/satire goes a long way in communicating ideas and we'll put up such posts on this site.

Freedom Fractals will also attempt to respond to all questions and feedback submitted on the Contact Page. We are particularity interested in feedback giving ideas on how to fight back against the oligarchic ruling class that is now trying to smother the flames of freedom. 

Any contributor to this site can also remain anonymous if they decide that it is an advantageous way to protect themselves against mob rule in these turbulent times (for more on privacy click on the About Page).

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